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Banner Printer Installation Request Procedure
  1. You may request the installation of a new printer by following the directions listed on Telecommunications Administration's Data Services for Faculty and Staff page. As part of these directions, you will be asked to fill out a Printer Request Form and forward it to the Telecom Admin group. Be sure to indicate on the form that the printer will be used to print reports from the Internet Native Banner application. The printer requested must have a Hewlet Packard Jet Direct card.

  2. To request the conversion of an existing printer to a SunGard Banner Printer, call the ITU Support Center at (703)993-8870. The printer must have a Hewlet Packard Jet Direct card.

  3. For existing printers being converted, a Help Desk Call is created by the Support Center and for new printers a Help Desk Call is created by the Telecom Admin staff. Once created, the Call entry is forwarded to Desktop Support Services if it is a new printer, or the Help Desk of origin is unable to obtain the DNS Name of the Printer, otherwise, it will be forwarded to the Systems Engineering Group. The Call information should include customer name, customer phone number, contact person, contact person's GMU userid (Mason email), contact person's phone number, the printer location (building, room number, and jack number), and the type and model of printer.

  4. If necessary, the Desktop Support Services technician will set up the printer. The Desktop Support Services Technician collects any necessary information about the setup of the printer and forwards the ticket to the Systems Engineering Group.

  5. A Systems Engineer sets up the landscape and portrait printer queues on the database server with the correct drivers for that type of printer. The banner page for all printers should be turned off. The names of the printer queues should be the printer queue name (building and room number) with _l_1 and _p_1 appended. The Systems Engineer group adds the names of the Ladon printer queues to the Help Desk Call and forwards the Help Desk Call to the DBA group and calls a DBA to let them know that there is an SunGard Banner printer to be set up.

  6. The DBA group enters the printer queue names in SunGard Banner via the GTVPRNT screen for all database instances. The description field should include the building/room number location of the printer and whether it is landscape or portrait. The DBA updates the printer table document with the SunGard Banner printer information from the Help Desk Call and posts the information on DocuShare - Initiatives/Patriot Project/Banner Documentation/Banner Printers.

  7. The DBA contacts the printer contact person and sends reports to the printer from the SunGard Banner application to verify that the printer is printing correctly from all SunGard Banner instances.

  8. If the printer is not printing correctly from the SunGard Banner application, the DBA works with the Desktop Support Services person to investigate the printer set up.

  9. Once the printer has printed correctly the DBA closes the Help Desk Call.

Updated: March 6, 2007
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